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Leadership is critical to the pursuit and delivery of justice. Whether it is social justice, economic justice, procedural justice, political justice, gender justice, or criminal justice, it is rare that justice can be achieved without good leadership. The Justice concentration in Carolina University’s Leadership degrees is unique in that it develops a strong foundation in the theories of justice enabling students to build principles for application within their selected contexts. For instance, law enforcement leaders may employ their mastery of justice theories to write a dissertation in the criminal justice area advocating for more humane forms of punishment. Similarly, healthcare leaders may work on projects to design more accessible healthcare provisions for the aging poor, or lawyers may work on dissertations advocating for reforms incorporating technology for better justice delivery through the court system. Students will study original works by justice theorists such as Rawls and Kant in addition to gaining an understanding of policies and laws aimed at providing some form of justice. Courses offered include legal theory, criminal justice administration, international human rights, evidence-based practices in law, and conflict management (see the course offerings for additional options).

4 Year Program
Available Residentially
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