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Technology is essential to successful leadership in the contemporary world. Leaders have to employ an ever-growing suite of technology tools and be constantly pursuing improved tools whether they are in healthcare, IT, business, military, education, government, or other sectors. They have to balance the costs of technology against benefits and persuade key constituencies (internal to the organization and external) about both the desirability of and wider use of more technology. Critically, many leaders are ill-trained for these tasks and do not possess the ability to make fine-grained decisions resulting frequently in inefficient resource allocations and disruptions. The Technology concentration gives students the opportunity to build advanced understanding of the role played by technology and gain mastery in specific domains such as data science, AI, networks, etc., and gain skills to become better equipped to lead teams or departments that require such specific knowledge. Students may choose to focus on data analysis (with R and/or Python), network design, big data, and machine learning, or other areas (see the course offerings for additional options). Emphasis is placed on developing or improving technical skills in conjunction with leadership strategies to facilitate group projects.

4 Year Program
Available Residentially
Available Online