Master of Science

Ideas and innovation


Innovation connects creative processes with organizational and social realities. The Master of Science program develops advanced capabilities in innovation processes across a diverse array of contexts including business, government, education, social movements, science, health, and technology. Students in this program may choose to focus areas such as intellectual property, business transformation, innovation processes, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Students will learn skills specific to leading innovative teams, and how to manage the delicate balance of hierarchical and distributive leadership structures to yield innovative outcomes.

2 Year Program
Available Residentially
Available Online


  • Demonstrate mastery of the theories and practices in the field of innovation;
  • Communicate with diverse audiences about the theories and practices associated with innovation;
  • Formulate strategies and approaches for the management of innovation within organizational or social settings;
  • Develop knowledge about risk, regulations, laws, and ethical standards applicable to innovation within a professional context.

Admissions Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized college or university
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended schools
  • Completed application with Carolina University